Who is Julia Lange?

Julia Lange is a budding Photographer who is aspiring to become a world renowned name on the photography scene. She has a variety of photo genres anddreams of travelling the world in order to see the world through the lense of her camera.

What Does Julia Do?

Julia does a variety of different photo's and collages. She has worked on projects that are indoor, outdoor, landscape and portrait, thus bestowing a large amount of knoweldge through experiance into Julia.

Why Julia?

Many of the collages and montages that Julia has worked on have been picked up by larger organisations and therefore used in their campaigns. This factor insinuates that Julia is more than capable of working to a set standard and deadline. Julia has been scouted by an array of companies and has worked for some of the leading Media Creation companies in the past such as; Modus Visual Media, Pixar and even DreamWorks.